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2019 Newsletters

Details of our Christmas Services are on page 23 and ideas for ethical Christmas presents can be found on page 27.

See page 19 for how to help someone who is lonely this Christmas.

When do you think capital punishment was abolished in Britain? Go to page 25 to find out. Hint: it's an anniversary this December.

Our Christmas Family Film Feast is on Saturday 16th December, see page 9 for the film.

See page 9 for a review of the India trip Mark and Melanie did with others from the Enfield URC churches.

Nigeria is now the 'largest killing ground for Christians in the world', go to page 22 for the full article.

Our next Family Film Feast is on Saturday 16th November, see page 12 for the film.

On 3rd September Mark and Melanie joined hundreds of others at the #NoFaithInWar demonstration.  Mark recounts how ashamed he felt on page 8.

Mark and Melanie are planning another trip India, see page 7 for info.  They are also hoping start a Stepwise course,  more detail is on page 7.

Finally,  there is a thank you letter from the URC finance committee on page 16.

Our church has reached the bronze award for Eco Church, see page 7 for the update. 
We are thinking about "Whole life discipleship", see page 12 for what this could involve.
Enfield council has a Revive reuse shop at Barrowell Green Recycling Centre where you can buy second hand goods, see page 14 for more details.
Finally, the Family Film Feast returns on September 21st, see page 8 for the film details.

Read the inspiring story of a girl from North Korea on page 14.

See page 10 for ideas around a vision for our church and the future - get involved and let us know what you think.

There is information on the un-recyclables which you can now recycle at our church on page 13.

Come to a social fundraiser with some good food, see page 9 for details about the Indian Feast on 12th August.

Re-connect with nature and your creator at Forest Church starting at the end of July, see page 25.

As well as our usual content of news, prayer, smile lines and updates from the Boys' Brigade, Book Club and our minister, there is an article on grieving on page 15. Then on page 17 an interesting article about how God "moo-ves" in mysterious ways, plus much more...

Our Boys' Brigade have a quiz on 15th June, see page 10 for details.

On page 7 there is a look back at the Night Shelter (now known as Enfield Homeless Overnight Respite Service) from Beryl who organised Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings at Lancaster Road URC.

There is an update from the charity Beyond Ourselves on page 15, this is the charity with whom we sponsor Elijah in Zambia.

Don't forget, Garth Hewitt is in concert in the Enfield group of churches, see page 8 for details.

Martin and Lisa climbed an actual mountain!  Go to page 6 for an account and www.give.net/bigclimb to donate.

Our church has made a commitment to divest from fossil fuels, see page 8 for the press release.

Garth Hewitt is in concert in the Enfield group of churches, see pages 12 and 18 for full details.

On page 24 there is a moving testimony from the Rwandan genocide which began 25 years ago this month.

And don't forget, our next Family Film Feast is on 6th April, see page 11 for details.

We have started the process of becoming an "Eco Church", see page 7 for more information on what that means and how you could be involved.

See page 24 for an update on Elijah, our sponsored child in Zambia.

If you are thinking about becoming a Christian go to page 13 for a devotional by Lee Strobel via BibleGateway.com and think about joining us at Lancaster Road on Sunday evenings during Lent where we will be asking the tough questions around God, see page 12 for more details.

And don't forget, our next Family Film Feast is on 2nd March, see page 14 for details.

To get an update on our building works, go to page 7.

If you want to know more about what it means to believe or belong to the church, see page 16.  This is intended for people who have been members for years, as well as those looking to become members.  

And don't forget, our next Family Film Feast is on 2nd February, see page 10 for details.

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