I’m New!

It is easy to feel a bit daunted visiting a church for the first time. Churches can differ in style and approach, and all may have different ways of doing things. We hope we can put you at ease and answer some of the questions you may have.

Who are we?

A warm welcome awaits you at our friendly, local church. Our typical Sunday service congregation is around 15 people of different ages and backgrounds. We come mostly from the surrounding area. We are all at different stages in our journeys of faith, and we welcome all-comers.

What can I expect from a Sunday service at Bush Hill Park URC?

The service begins at 10.30 am and people usually start arriving around 15 minutes before the service. Come through the entrance doors by the car park where you will be welcomed. You can pick up a copy of our weekly Link which will let you know what is happening that week, and you are also welcome to have a cup of fair trade tea or coffee before you move into the main Church.

You are welcome to sit wherever you would like to in the church. Our main seating is in cushioned seats, but we also have spaces for wheelchairs and chairs with armrests for those who might need these.

The service usually begins with an introduction and a call to worship. Services tend to last around 45 – 60 minutes, and involve prayers, readings from the Bible, a mix of traditional hymns and worship songs, an introductory talk, and a short sermon.  You are invited to join in the singing of hymns and worship songs and some of the prayers (such as the Lord’s Prayer), but it’s not a problem if you prefer to just sit and listen.  Services may be led by a range of people, including our minister, members of the congregation, visiting ministers and lay preachers.

At the end of the service, there may be a short time of quiet prayer, and then you are welcome to stay for refreshments in the Lounge at the back of the church and meet with others here.

How is Communion celebrated?

Services include Communion (also known as the Lord’s Supper) on every first Sunday of the month, when the church family recalls the words and actions of Jesus – inviting his disciples to ‘do this to remember me’.  Stewards will bring trays of pieces of bread and small glasses of grape juice to the congregation, serving people where they are sitting.   You are very welcome to receive and remember Jesus in this way, but if you do not wish to do so, simply decline when the trays are offered to you.

What is provided for children?

Children are welcome to stay in the main Church, or there are toys at the Lounge area. There is a screen and speaker so you can still take part in the main service.

Baby-changing facilities are available in the accessible toilet, which can be found behind the front of the church.

Is parking available?

The church has a private car park, which is accessed from Main Avenue. You are very welcome to park here when attending Sunday services or church events. There is no payment for parking.

What facilities are available?

In addition to the main church, the church has a hall, with an adjoining kitchen, and two smaller rooms, all of which can be accessed from the car park entrance or from the church. We have recently refurbished female and male toilets a toilet suitable for primary school children and an accessible toilet for those with extra needs. These are located through the right-hand doors at the front of the church, with the accessible and children’s toilet to the left and the male and female toilets along the corridor.

Do you cater for those with disabilities?

We try our best. We are happy to support those with visual impairments to access our buildings, services and events. There is level access to the church from the car park entrance on Main Avenue and space for wheelchairs within the church. There is also level access to the hall, kitchen and toilets from the car park entrance. An accessible toilet is available behind the front of the church, with grab rails and a lowered sink.