Book Club

Our Book Club usually meet on a Monday in the Dunelm Cafe at 10.30am to discuss the chosen book.

We meet next on 19th February. The chosen book is The Clock Dance by Anne Taylor.  Email for details if you would like to join us.

Everyone is welcome to this informal club which has been running for over 8 years with five regular members. Books are mainly new, but we also have discussed some classics. We discuss what we thought of the chosen book and this often leads on to other topics. We are a mixed group of people, some from the Church, some from the local community who all enjoy reading and discussion.

If you’d like to purchase books please visit Easy Fundraising so that the church can get some commission without you paying anything different.

The last book we read was:

The Lies You Wrote by Brianna Labuskes

A rather complicated story line – so please bear with me – with a surprising twist or two at the end! Again, the book received mixed reviews from the group.

The story revolves around a double murder of a husband and wife in a small Washington town which mirrors a crime which took place 25 years earlier – to the day – in the same town. Then, the son, Alex, murdered his parents and committed suicide, leaving a letter admitting everything.

Callum Kilkenny, an FBI forensic psychologist and Raisa Susanto, an FBI forensics linguist, have to work together to find the killer of these latest murders. After a gruesome video was posted on a social media site, it is seen by Delaney, a content moderator with excellent search skills on the dark side of the web and who passes on suspect actions, on a confidential basis, to Kilkenny and she does so on this occasion. Kilkenny decides to bring her in on the investigation after some posts appear saying that Alex was himself a victim in the original murders. Who has this knowledge and why wait until now to tell?

The story centres around five main characters and takes twists and turns as you come to know these people … or do you? An unexpected ending.