2020 Newsletter Archive

2020 Newsletters

You can find details about what the church is doing during Advent and Christmas on page 17.

An update and thank you on the India Appeal is on page 8.

Forest church is due to take place on Sunday 20th December, see page 22 for full details.

Our next church member interview is with Kath on page 20.

Details about Remembrance Day are on page 6.

Enfield Churches are working towards creating a debt centre and are getting closer to a reality, see page 10 for more detail and to get involved.

Our next church member interview is with Andrew on page 20.

Finally, we have an update from the Boys Brigade, see page 23 for the full story.

Enfield churches are looking to open a debt centre together, see page 10 for details.

Christians across the world are suffering with oppression during COVID19, page 26 gives some brief information about what is happening in a few countries from Release International.

Our next church member interview is with Ivy on page 22.

There is a heartfelt letter from John Eveleigh on page 8 following the passing of his mother, remembering the times when the family was in Enfield and his father was minister of our church.

Details about worship in our church as well as online is on page 13.

On page 16 there is an article about struggling with doubts about faith.

Our next church member interview is with Martin H on page 20.

There is a thank you letter from the URC treasurers on page 10.

Details about worship on our church grounds is on page 8.

Our next church member interview is with Robin H on page 18.

There is a thank you letter from the hospital we have supported in India on page 10.

On 7th August Mark is hosting a quiz on zoom raising funds for Commitment for Life, the United Reformed Church's global justice programme.  See page 24 for details.

Are you missing seeing your church friends and worshiping together?  Worry no more, although we still can’t worship in church we can worship in the open air, socially distanced.  See page 14 for details of Forest Church.

Our next church member interview is with Diann on page 24, we also have a powerful testimony from someone Mark knew as a child on page 10.

Enfield churches are hoping to open a debt advice centre, see page 20 for details and prayer points.

The final instalment on Hearing God and the ways that can happen is on page 26.

Part two of Mark and Melanie's reflection on their time in India is on page 10.

Page 20 looks back on the courage of Christians during the Great Plague of London in 1665.

Our next member interview is with Bill on page 22.

The Hearing God series continues on page 24 and we have an update from the BB on page 27.

Mark and Melanie give a glimpse into their recent India trip on page 10.

Charities are carrying on during COVID-19, see page 20 to find out what a few are doing.

Our next interview is with Evelyn on page 22 and we have the third in our series on hearing God on page 28.

You can read a response to the Coronavirus on page 8.  

Page 12 has some thoughts about Easter in light of the current situation.

Our next interview is with Carol on page 20.

We have the second in our series on hearing God on page 22.

Our first interview is on page 20 and features Lynda.  If you would like to be featured in a future newsletter please email newsletter@bhpurc.org.uk with your answers to the questions in bold.
Following an interesting question from the congregation on a Sunday in February, Mark has started a mini-series on hearing God, go to page 24 for the first article.
If you would like to befrend a refugee family under the Government’s Resettlement of Refugees scheme see page 13 for more information.
Hear the story of The courage of Oscar Romero on page 11, an Archbishop presiding at Mass when a hired gunman shot him in the back 40 years ago this month.
Our next Family Film Feast is on Saturday 28th March, see page 27 for the film.

A lent group will be running at Winchmore Hill URC looking at Biblical perspectives on mental health using well-known Bible stories, see page 9 for details.
We have a quiz on 1st February raising money for BB and a school trip for one of the Boys, see page 14 for details.
Fairtrade Fortnight is 24th February - 8th March, find out more about a cocoa farmer in Sierra Leone, Lucia, on page 18.
The latest World Watch List was released by Open Doors in January, see page 10 for details on the countries where Christians face the most persecution.
Our next Family Film Feast is on Saturday 15th February, see page 26 for the film.


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