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2022 Newsletters

Our very own Vikkie has had her artwork displayed all around Enfield in June after she was chosen to design the Pride posters for Enfield council. Go to page 6 to see her artwork and some background to the artwork.

Our Boys Brigade have a jumble sale in the hall on Saturday 9th July, see page 8 for details.

Throughout July all URC congregations are invited to ‘Pray like Hannah’. To find out more about what that means go to page 21.

Don't forget you can still help our Boys Brigade raise £5000 towards a replacement minibus. Please donate at

June brings us Pentecost, see page 17 for an article explaining the event.

We have updates from Mark and Melanie (page 8), the Girls Brigade (page 23), the Boys Brigade (page 24) and Book Club (page 16).

June is also the time we remind you to take the WWF carbon footprint survey, see page 7 for details.

Finally, can you help our £5000 fundraiser towards a replacement minibus? Please donate at

May brings us Ascension, see page 10 for an article explaining the event.

Composer John Rutter has written a new work based on a Ukrainian prayer, see page 17 for more information and a link to listen to the piece.

We're raising money for Christian Aid Week because it’s unjust that drought is driving people into hunger. See page 18 for Jessica's story.

Our next family film feast is on Saturday 28th May, go to page 12 for details of the film.

If you have been struggling with how you can help someone in Ukraine, we have a number of charities with links on page 17.

We have an Easter reflection on page 8 as well as a Palm Sunday thought on page 21.

Page 18 has an item thinking about where you call home.

Details of our Easter services can be found on page 11.

We have a lovely piece remembering the life of Ivy on page 8.

This Lent we are encouraging you to join either GEAR on Wednesdays or Enfield Town and Forty Hill churches on Mondays.  See pages 11 and 12 for times and details about the studies.

The World Day of Prayer takes place on 4th March this year, go to page 18 for details on the theme this year and where our closest service is.

The Boys Brigade updates continue with some spectacular puns on page 24.

Our final tips from the Thompson family waste warriors are on page 8.

We remember God's love for us on page 10.

Our Indian brothers and sisters are facing growing persecution, see page 18 for more details.

Finally, there are some quotes from Desmond Tutu on page 22.

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