Book Club

Our Book Club usually meet on Mondays in the Church Lounge at 10.30am to discuss the chosen book.

We meet next on 13th June. The chosen book is One Man and his Bike by Mike Carter.  Email for details if you would like to join us.

Everyone is welcome to this informal club which has been running for over 5 years with eight regular members. Books are mainly new, but we also have discussed some classics. We discuss what we thought of the chosen book and this often leads on to other topics. We are a mixed group of people, some from the Church, some from the local community who all enjoy reading and discussion.

If you'd like to purchase books please visit Easy Fundraising so that the church can get some commission without you paying anything different. 


The last book we read was:

Gweilo by Martin Booth
Set in the 1950s, Martin’s father is sent to Hong Kong to work for the Royal Navy. Martin is an only child and they take the long sea voyage together as a family. The book is autobiographical of his early life (‘gweilo’ - Chinese slang for European men), such informative years in a non-British environment. 

Martin and his mother eagerly embrace the Chinese people and their customs and are accepted by the locals; unfortunately his father is less accommodating. He considers his work in the Navy (a more minor admin role) very important and vital to the Service - a view not held by his down-to-earth wife! 

Very descriptive writing, we learn a lot of the ways of the Chinese locals through his eyes - it was amazing how he was able to wander (aged 8) unattended around the neighbourhoods they lived in. You can visualise the flora and fauna on his adventures and the different cuisine; his experiences on that island so very different to those he would have had in England. His parents were such different people and, as such, his relationships with both of them. 

We enjoyed this informative book, with a good thread of humour throughout.

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