Book Club

Our Book Club meet on Mondays in the Church Lounge at 8pm to discuss the chosen book.

We meet next on Monday 11th November at 10:30am having read "The Giver of Stars" by Jojo Moyes.

Everyone is welcome to this informal club which has been running for over 5 years with eight regular members. Books are mainly new, but we also have discussed some classics. We discuss what we thought of the chosen book and this often leads on to other topics. We are a mixed group of people, some from the Church, some from the local community who all enjoy reading and discussion.

If you'd like to purchase books please visit Easy Fundraising so that the church can get some commission without you paying anything different. 


The last book we read was:

"The Darkness" by Ragnar Jonasson

This was quite a quick read, a bit of a page turner but written in the modern style of two stories linked but tumbling into each other to keep the mind active! 

The story centres on a senior detective, Hulda, a troubled woman with a dark past, who is being forced into retirement much against her will. Before she leaves, she is offered a ‘cold’ case to investigate, which she does in the hope of leaving on a high. She chooses one where a Russian girl, who came to Iceland in the hope of finding asylum but whose body was found on a remote beach. After a brief investigation the case was quickly declared a suicide and closed. On looking at the evidence again, Hulda finds another girl went missing at the same time but was never found. The deeper she investigates, the more it seems her colleagues do not want to assist her efforts... 

It certainly had some unforeseen twists at the end, and we were re-introduced to the harsh Icelandic environment of short daylight hours and freezing weather that we first encountered in ‘The Sealwoman’s gift’, which was interesting.

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