Book Club

Our Book Club meet on Mondays in the Church Lounge at 10.30am to discuss the chosen book.

We meet next on Monday 10th February having read "My name is Eva" by Suzanne Golding and "The Doll House" by Phoebe Morgan.

Everyone is welcome to this informal club which has been running for over 5 years with eight regular members. Books are mainly new, but we also have discussed some classics. We discuss what we thought of the chosen book and this often leads on to other topics. We are a mixed group of people, some from the Church, some from the local community who all enjoy reading and discussion.

If you'd like to purchase books please visit Easy Fundraising so that the church can get some commission without you paying anything different. 


The last book we read was:

"The Storyteller’s Secret" by Sejal Badani

Set between America and India this is a story of tracing family roots following the trauma of multiple miscarriages setting her life in a spin. Jaya leaves her home to travel alone to unravel mysteries. What is it her mother and father are not telling her? We are taken back to India at the time of the Raj and then forwards and backwards as the tale unfolds. 

This is a good read, descriptive with likeable characters; especially the ‘untouchable’ family so sorely abused through their lives except for …

To be recommended.

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