2nd Enfield Boys Brigade - Company Information

Our 2nd Enfield Boys' Brigade company celebrated their 120thanniversary in October 2010. A special church service was held with music provided by the old boy’s brass band. This brass band was formed from many past members and current staff. The company has recently started getting boys and young men interested in brass instruments and there are now 6 boys undertaking lessons. It is hoped to have a current boy’s brass band in the very new future.

The church service was very special, not only because we were celebrating 120 years of the 2ndEnfield Boys' Brigade but because there were some very special presentations. 4 boys from the company had spent the last year working towards their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. This had seen them undertake 3 months voluntary work, 3 months learning a new skill, 3 months taking part in a sport and also a 2 day expedition. The 2ndEnfield regularly takes all the boys away on camps and hikes so this stood those 4 boys well. Most of their D of E activities were undertaken within our church and its buildings. Those boys are now starting out on Their Silver Duke of Edinburgh award. All the boys in the company will be enrolled on the D of E scheme when they reach the age of 14 and will be given all the guidance required to succeed.

4 boys were also awarded their Presidents Badges, which are awarded to young men who are 15+ and who have spent the last 4 years working on the many and very varied topics and badge classes they learn while at Boys' Brigade . These ranged from First aid, community work, sport, to rocket making, cooking and road safety, to mention a very small selection.

Gaining your presidents badge is a very prestigious award within the Boys' Brigade. Those boys will now be working towards their Queens Badge, which is the highest award you can gain within the boy’s brigade.

The 2ndEnfield meet weekly and hold Anchor boys on a Friday and and Junior section on a Monday with around 20 boys attending every week. The company section, which is for young men aged 11 – 18, meets every Monday and has around 17 young men from the surrounding community on roll. They also run a fitness training session each week on a Thursday.

All the boys are encouraged to attend church each week, and the Boys' Brigade staff run a youth church each week, which is more suited to a younger congregation. The attendance each week is very encouraging and has been on the increase over the last few years.

As well as the regular meetings, the staff encourage the boys to participate in DIY skill and recently the boys from the brigade completely redecorated the church hall and surrounding corridors as well as doing voluntary work for some of our older congregation. Activities include craft, badge work, drill, sports and learning about the Christian Faith.  The BB aim "The advancement of Christ's Kingdom amongst boys" is central to the work of the BB.

For more information about the 2nd Enfield please check their website: http://www.2ndenfieldbb.co.uk/

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